Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beauty sleep not a MYTH

Imagine waking up 5.30 in the morning to go for a run in to the sun. It sounds so idealistic and perfect but what it leads to is a bad bad headache. This is what I suffered from the whole day. I always thought that when they talk about all those wonders of a beauty sleep, they were just kidding and being vain. But what I've realized today is that I'm a part of that vanity.

A good night sleep does wonders not just to your body but to your mind as well. All of which I lacked today. I was not my usual hyper self and suffered from a rather bad mood. I've often read these "what's on your mind?" on Facebook where girls suffer from a bad mood, ugly mood swings and often depressed as hell. Well, here's the solution for you girls, go to SLEEP!!

I caught up with my sleep in the afternoon. And its done wonders already, I'm fresh, I hit the gym and I did some studying in full throttle mode.

Hmm..I think its ok to be vain just once in a while. I'm loving it, so try it :)


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