Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Birthday: A day of resolutions!

It's my birthday. So apart from reminiscing i shall pave the way for a few resolutions as well. None that will be too hard to keep. I go easy on myself always :)

On the year gone by, all of you must know that if there was one thing I stuck by it was immense faith.The year that went by I kept my faith strong, fell in love, and yes the inevitable marriage happened. I also changed my job and got a job I liked. I got in to some beautiful relationships with people. I made some friends for life, I also got myself a brother, not out of blood but just by gut. I explored a life without my parents, being in far off places. I survived without my sister.

And today I'm closer to my dreams than I was 10 years back. I always use to wonder about how I would ever be able to do justice to my creativity, my painting talent and my writing. Today I have enough time to pursue all of the above and still explore more of my spirit and intellect.

I also use to wonder that after I moved away from my parents and the sheltered life of the IIT campus, what would become of me. Would I become a complete junkie? The answers that unraveled were a delight. I stay in one of the most beautiful townships in Germany, with immense greenery. I have the backing of two very important people in my life, my hubby and my neighbor. I've not moved away from my determination of ambition. If at all with the language that I learn and my creativity, somehow good things keep coming my way.

So what follows in the coming year? I don't know yet, but what I do know is that it will be the greatest ever. My resolutions are:-

1.To get my sister by my side for now and forever. I know I have to earn or scheme enough for her to be here but it shall happen. I've realized that life may be great but not the greatest without her. So I will do what it takes to get her right here.

2.Land in my dream job as an illustrator. It's about time.

3.Meet up with my 4 best friends before turning a year older. Also, we need to discuss our plans of "The Penthouse".

4.Patience. I lack a lot of it but I think it could make me perfect, so I'll give it a shot.

For all of you reading my blog, thank you for your constant comments and encouragement. Thank you for sharing your stories, it makes me stronger everyday. Continue reading, you make me who I am today. If you get a chance, do have a shot or two because it is MY BDAY :)



  1. amen...!
    Im honestly goin to get myself some daaru and raise a toast to you NOW....!
    wish you a long and healthy life that's as wonderful and fulfilling as today...!!!

  2. small droplet of tear.miss u.have a huppy birthday.u r a true rockstar. n of the very few people i idolize, u have just become one of them, this year..

  3. And what would I do without all of you???????