Friday, June 25, 2010

Looking out of my bubble

Its a Friday and i know its probably not the day for too many philosophies but hey this is going to be a positive one. I've often been criticized by my friends and family members for living in my own bubble. Living in my bubble implies to my ignorance. It could be regarding geography, which i still don't get or it could be politics or anything of relevance to the rest of the world. I'm often very oblivious to my surroundings.

Today I happen to chat with a very old class mate of mine. I'd as usual been living in my bubble being all opinionated that well all Dipsites are full of attitude and are rather intimidating. But instead I found myself being greeted by a rather warm friend on the other end of the screen. I wondered how many people had I lost in touch with just living in my bubble and being my presumptuous self.

How many of us are afraid to extend that first hand of friendship? How tough is it to break the barrier? Why do we take so much of time to do it? Its almost like the "I Love you" Ban. An "I love you" ban in my terms is when you are afraid to say it to any person fearing that it raises your bar of commitment to them. I have had my issues with it. The ban is mostly found with guys, I've noticed. So when did it start percolating to women. We (girls) were always the braver ones. Then where did the inhibitions set in?

I think it has a lot to do with experience. In my case the not so good ones. Today since I had nothing to grumble about, I have sunshine, I had a day off from school, and I had absolutely no cleaning to do, somehow i extended my hand out of that bubble. And the result was brilliant. May be I'll do it more often :)

It's a Friday night people, please get sloshed, wear your best attire, please yourself and start preparing for my Bday ;)


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  1. really well written didi...!!! one of your best pieces to date. :)
    i wish i were there for your birthday. but im gonna celebrate it here in my own way - with Bensons and Absolut... and Cake....!!!!
    bless ya sis....!