Tuesday, June 8, 2010

7 Things you should never ask Shuchita!

Today i shall talk about the 7 things you should never ask me about. They make me so mad that i almost wish the other person would cease to exist. These are some of them:-

Question 1: "So how come, you're in Germany?"
My intended Answer 1: "Why jealous? You never bothered to talk to me for the past 6 months/1year and now you talk to me, do you think I'll also sponsor your trip here? Loser!"
Fact 1: I'm in Germany because my husband got a transfer and frankly i hated my job so i came here to look for better options.

Question 2: "So you are a house-wife now?"
My intended Answer 2: "Yeah you as**h**le like your mother!! Aren't you always making less money than me? Well since i was smart and saved while you were sitting on your ass all this while, I also managed to save enough to fund my generations!!"
Fact 2: I'm a student of the German language course, and this shall open more doors for me in the near future both for a job and for further enrollment in to my dream courses here.

Question 3: "So how come you decided to get married?"
My intended Answer 3:"Well i didn't want to wait to have your ugly kids so i went ahead and married my husband, who by the way happens to be the King of Germany!!"
Fact 3: I'm madly in love with my husband and have been for 2 years.

Question 4: "Wow, you've really matured and grown up huh?"
My intended Answer 4: " No i decided I'll wear the same underwear as i did when i was 2, it brings a young feel to it, you should try it too!! "
Fact 4: I had a wild past and still maintain it!

Question 5: " I see you've put on a little weight?"
My intended Answer 5:" Atleast I'm not UGLY like you and always be fitter than all your generations to come!!"
Fact 5: I work out 1.5-2hrs in the Gym everyday and yes i love to drink beer, so my weight is not constant, luckily I'm not anorexic.

Question 6: "Sutta daaru chhoda?"
My intended Answer 6: "Did you stop spreading that disgusting odour you carry around with you everywhere?"
Fact 6: I'll leave it when i want to, its no one's business except mine.

Question 7: "Aur kya chal raha hai?"
My intended Answer 7: "If you were so important to me you would know, since you don't buzz off and mind your own business!"
Fact 7: There are so many things in the world happening, can't write them all down can I?

Well incase any of you ever intend asking me these questions, you will atleast know what's on my mind..


Breach of Trust


  1. Question 8 : "What's the capital of Germany?"

  2. God...! ur hilarious sister.....!

  3. haha....absolutely lurveee your intended answers.....always true and straight to the point...if you don't like to hear them go take a walk...that's our shuchii didiii...miss ya loads...XOXO

  4. Lol!!!! Awesome dudette! u totally rock!
    BTW, some1 who knws u, and who never speaks to 'me' in office was asking for ur contact details...well, i didnt have the right number...
    guess u must have understood who...
    speak to u today!
    Love u missy! muahhh

  5. @Preedi: Guessed it!
    @Smriti: Its nothing compared to your slapping episode.
    @Roach: Its Berlin, try not asking me this again!

  6. Q9: your too bored to have this as a blog, and am too vella to read and comment :-s bah!

  7. Hi Shuchi di! :)
    Cunt help trespassing here :) But this blog is exactly the reason why ur soo lovable :)
    Keep it up! :)

  8. ABSOLUTELY ROCKING 5STARS!!! Today Im proud to call u my sister!!

  9. @Aditi: Hey! Gr8 to know you reading too..thank you.
    @Shaivi: I've had a ball writing it and smiling to myself.. :)! Where is Shaivi with a "ya" on reading it?

  10. @Anonymous: You're such a bitch and you are still a guy! You could have gone by your real name, didn't take me much time to figure you out..

  11. Lol... Awesome blog post... now anytime we chat, I am sure to bring out one of these questions... and then lets see what the social shuchi answers :p

    Too lazy to create an ID for this... so posting as anonymous...

  12. haw... the second one is fake.... shuchi, i like the pics on fb, pls put gud descriptions thr na... and also find me gud ruski sky diver jacket :P lol !!

    i agree with fake anonymous, too lazy to create id :-s bah bye :P