Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sore throats and dull behavior

The weather has finally had its effect on me :( ! I have this bad sore throat and a headache. The thing with sore throats is that it bring in so many other of its friends with it. Like it brings a headache, a mild body ache and of course fever which happens to be its best friend.

I've always hated how you have to drink those awful cough syrups and swallow those bitter tablets. The staying in bed part is the worse. I like to go about hopping around Filderstadt and getting inspired to sketch a few lines.

Although being sick has its advantages. For me, its being showered with attention by my hubby. Also, finally getting some art work done in bed.

When we were younger, mum's fussing over what you want to eat, how you're feeling and giving you dessert to wash down the bitter after taste of medicines. All the pampering..

I'm not going to be writing-in much today. No brain waves happening yet. I just hope the sore throat goes away soon. Till later.


  1. i don't know bout you...but my mum would only give us kichidi and chicken clear toh we even have ice-cream when we have a sore throat...bah those were the days when we would listen to our mums ;-P

  2. awww... i can totally imagine you sitting with a red nose wrapped up in a quilt... take care di... brandy helps...!!! :P

  3. natak..always craving for mummy's attention, mentally mom is always in Germany, u might as well physically lift her and take her there