Thursday, June 10, 2010

Afternoon siestas

After coughing out my entire lungs, I would like to tell you about the beauty of wonderful afternoon naps :)

You see as little kids me and my sister were put off to bed straight after lunch. My mom argued this way, we would end up getting-up taller and energetic. Of-course it was also her way to sneak off to work, the minute we slept. But this routine caused us much chaos later in life. For example, if you generally have a conversation with me or my sister right after lunch, you are likely to hear the words "Yaaawwaaannn, I'm sleepy, someone get me a bed!"

I would like to share here a few of my most precious stolen moments for a nap :)
1. In MBA, borrowing my then BFs car, telling him to mark my attendance coz i wasn't doing so well. And running off to my bed by the window in the winters and snoozing off!
2. In Engg.,where bunking and attendance were easier, I told some of my friends I was sleepy. They locked me in their car and went off, while i dozed off to glory. This again right after lunch.
3. In school, extra classes for science students is a pain in the a**! So, i use to just put my hand a little over my eyes like I was concentrating very hard and sleep off.
4. Office days are the best especially if you are in sales and have colleagues who owe you a thing or two. Take their house keys and take a flight to nene-land! No questions asked.

Well, its a bliss to be able to get that afternoon nap. If you have a party to attend in the evening, the nap is even better, it'll make you last longer also!

Wow! I wish all of you could have this once in a while. It's heavenly :)!

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