Friday, June 11, 2010

My latest lover!

OMG I think I'm in love again! Of-course if you've known me for over 10 years, this will not take you by surprise!

You see the following are my symptoms:-
1.The minute i part with him, I miss him.
2.I'm almost always thinking of him when I'm not around him.
3.Mostly I'm always with him especially when my hubby is not around.
4.Sometimes i even sneak out with him when my hubby's not looking.

Ladies and gentleman, the mystery unravels: It's my laptop. I will call it a him like my car. Do what you can to convince me otherwise!!

I think I've become so hooked on to my laptop, its almost as disgusting as being hooked on to crack or cocaine. I don't know how many of you suffer the same disease. My friends had warned me initially but i never took them seriously. I watch all my TV here since everything else on TV happens to be in Zerman of-course. I chat on it. It's my only window now to the real world,since i hardly get to interact with human beings face to face. The actual window that i use to be by has disappeared.

Starting today i have another rule: kill the infidelity. I will spend not more than 5 hours which is actually almost 1/4th of my day on my machine. Kindly help me with this. I hate dependency of any kind. I know some of you are smirking at me, reading this. But i think i may need help here.

Ok, enough of my latest lover. Have a great weekend guys, kindly kill yourselves in some party. I would have love to, had it not been for my damn sore throat!



  1. Here's some research to help you out on this!,2747/

  2. Read it, I'm guilty of the same :'(!

  3. Didi - CONTROL....! Chashma lag jaayega...