Monday, June 14, 2010

Zerman sambhal ke all the way!!

The title is inspired by the serial that use to come on the telly way back when we were kids called "Zaban sambhalke"

As you may have guessed already, my German classes started today. I had a sick feeling in my stomach all the way. I hated school days. I was almost always the conspicuous mid bencher. I didn't have the brains of a first bencher nor did i have the popular notorious characteristics of the back bencher and so i remained a "Nobody" throughout my school days.

As it turns out, I haven't changed much over the years. Today morning my hubby planted that sweet kiss on my forehead and i still felt like the weepy little girl going to the front (school is just as bad for me!).

Ok, so it wasn't so bad. Our teacher only and only spoke in German. The 2 Indians, 4 Turks, 1 African and 1 Phillipienian( I don't know what they are called), have all been in Germany for over 2 years, so they all understood. I couldn't be a mid-bencher because they had a round table!(Big-bummer) so i was in mid-circle this time. The funny side was, our accents. German as a language has most of its words coming from half-way through your nostrils and lungs. And so the class went up in splits every time i spoke because i think most of the times i ended up spitting while pronouncing the words. Also my rather long name got me a few sympathetic smiles.

Today has already been a hard day. I feel like I've come to a zero, where everything i had learned so far doesn't count anymore.So long till something cheers me up.


  1. arre didi - like u said - thook aayi ho tum unpe aur unki language pe....!!! that should be reason enough to cheer you up....! :P
    i so wanna take this class with you - just imagine both of us spitting and talkin in a nasal tone and laughing like mad.....!!!!! :P
    and u have a very small name - Shuchi is just 2 syllables yaar....!
    and yeah - people from Philippines are called Filipinos....! Remember the song - FILIPINO by Black Eyed Peas....!

    On a serious note - there's no goddamned thing that's tough for you.... just remember this.

  2. Yeah brother, I'm keeping up with a schedule that was made in Dahlia balcony.