Monday, June 7, 2010

Fantastic weekend

Monday morning always seem to bring this lull. After a fantastic weekend, its back to doing what we all do, chores and routines.

I'll talk about my interesting weekend and try and kill this lull. Saturday morning was a bliss since i had a chance to wake up to a nice breakfast followed by a trip to the Mercedes Benz museum. Now this is not like the doll museum we all went to as kids but this is one with 7 storeys each filled with historical facts right from the inception of their first patents in 1886. All 7 storey work their way spiraling to the ground floor with facts and figures, apart from the beautiful model of cars that they show case. I especially liked the celebrity section which show cases models of car used by the pope or the one that was used in the movie Lost world. It makes one think of the company's vision which seems to be an insatiable quest for bettering their technology each year. Hats off they've done a great job each year starting with their Bahns in Germany to the latest SUV models.

Sunday happened to be a day of travelling. We went to a place in Bavaria, called Erlangen, to meet up with some special friends and attend my first ever comic salon. Artists from different nationalities came together to exhibit their work. The place is thronging with publishers, painters, academician and so on. After a round of beers, we were off for a trek to the lovely beer gardens. It seems that the oldest breweries here were started by the monks. This definitely made me think of poor Ramdev baba who so strongly condemns alcohol! Did he know this? It was an awesome experience, after a long trek taking another round of beer..Yumm, we were back to the Bahn station. Did i also mention, our friends treated us to a nice Indian lunch!

So after this beautiful and might i add exhausting weekend, I'm back to doing my routines..which doesn't seem so bad anymore. Only I'll have to skip my gym because my legs scream for rest right now.


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