Friday, June 4, 2010

Breakfast by the window

Today is going to be a day i get a lot of work done. You see the minute the sun is out, i seem to ooze out with a different kind of energy.

Waking up late and knowing that i don't have to report in to a shit boss or do stuff i hate. I use to hate making bogus sales calls and running off to cafes to get my first doze of caffeine. I use to hate meeting old hags and explain why financial products were good for them when i knew we were selling stuff worth scams! But today waking up has a new meaning..yipppee..i am my own boss.

And as a boss and employee, I've given myself the following tasks to accomplish:-
1. Vacuuming the house (Now don't come out on me with the house-wifely shit, its not like i'm cutting peas while watching "kyunki saas.." episodes..I have no maid and so i shall do what is called house-work..its called "The dirt chaser"..see i have a cool name for it).
2. Gymming for 2 hours minimum( If you got a great cook like my husband, and a little paunch around a slender figure, you have to chase it I'll be "super-power paunch")
3. Illustrating the above( Yeah, while sitting and writing this, my imagination created a few cartoons i must share ;))
4. Buying new kind of cheese, with holes, like the one jerry mouse chased!( Mom says i must try every kind of cheese, its required in colder countries, plus the variety should not be missed, so here is to my mom!)
5. Asking my gym instructor for a coffee( Don't get funny ideas, but the girl works too hard, so i thought, I'll treat her over her lunch break, and make a new friend)

So with all these agendas on my list, I'll add a little treat, which would be buying anything for myself, like a new scarf or a webcam or something. So the boss gives the treat, which is me..YAY!! And the employee which is me..Not so yay..does work and gets the treat YAY!!

I'm going to get started on this thing right now..Have a wonderful day guys while i enjoy my breakfast by the window :)


  1. proud of u sis....!!!!
    and the very fact that you wrote "CUT" peas means u are FAR from being a stereotypical housewife...!!!! :P hehe
    Keep up the good work di...!

  2. Hehe..yeah i guess it should have been peeling peas or something..thanks for reading!! Loveya :)

  3. BTW the housework is called maintenance!

  4. didi - u are too cute....! u peel potatoes or cucumbers....!!!! imagine doin that to peas....!
    i think we shell them peas....! not sure....! :P