Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Finding a friend

This entry here would be dedicated to a friend who brought about light in to the rather dull weather in Germany today.

Yes, its been quite an awful June, and this is not just me but my darling German neighbor who thinks so too. The weather is the most common of all conversations as you will all agree. And the same common conversation led me to ask my neighbor over a game of scrabble. Yes, yesterday apart from my usual pattern of painting and blogging. I also played scrabble, where i was served with hot coffee and German cakes which were yum.

Today has been the usual but for the little, actually long chat with my new found Indian friend in Germany. I had decided not to blog today, thinking who reads this stuff anyway. But what i discovered was that may be i don't just do this to get a response from people but also put an order to my random thoughts which run around scott free everyday.

Today i have this question for myself, i was going about reading the Indian and the German newspapers. There was a stark difference. Indian newspapers were booming out with AI plane mishaps, the price of Gold being sky rocketed and no caterers for the Common wealth games and on the contrary German newspaper talked about awarding the best brokers, about chair mens being Its felt like i belonged to two different worlds..i wonder if there will ever be a bridge between these worlds??

With thoughts like these i sign off today.


  1. What you saw was the difference between a developed country and a developing country..the difference between a country where politicians exploit the nation and a country that has already been an exploiter and recovered from exploitation..whether there will be a bridge or not so sure.. I know that CWG does not answer anything though!

  2. screw the bridge didi - plz tell me u kicked her ass at Scrabble :P