Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A little sunshine and more joys

The sun is out today, well partially, since its deciding to play hide and seek in the clouds. But its put a smile on my face all the same.

The joy today is that i was able to enroll myself in the German classes yesterday without the resident permit, which comes in later. Its a relief knowing that in a few days, I'll be back to civilization. I'll no longer have to talk to the walls or the person in my head. I'll be able to watch some TV not feeling like an ape or even read magazines without just browsing through the pictures. The last bit was a little exaggerated since beauty magazines and me have a long connection, I've translated them in Google, just to know where the best deals are ;)! All in all some excitement setting in.

Talking about beauty magazines, this is for my women followers, so guys can tune out at this point of time. Some of the trends that I totally rubbished out in India are really-in here. These trends would be:-
1.Gladiator sandals( They are so popular here! I thought they were ugly and would fade out soon but nope they are huge in Europe!)
2.Straight or tapering jeans (Come on! Indian woman have huger bottoms, I never thought they would rule, but they do, well also they're worn with boots here, Humph..)
3.Chunky accessories (You see most of Stuttgart is colored in Black, Blue, Grey or White so i thought they needed it, but "Sex and the city 2" emphasis it as a must-have.)
4.False or elongated eyelashes!(They wear these to work!!How???)
5.Nail art(Ok, we Indians will never have the time to sit through this session. You'd never ever find me with one of these.Its pointless, right??)

I've overshot myself on the list but if you girls beg to differ, then do write in. I'd love to hear some more.


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