Monday, May 31, 2010

Passion and money

After an amazing weekend, filled with movies, being on top of the oldest TV tower in Stuttgart, its back to writing and painting.

Yesterdays entry was a result of my being overwhelmed by alcohol and thoughts that refuse to go away. I had seen the movie sex and the city 2 over the weekend which led to this craving for beautiful dresses and the company of my lovely girlfriends and sisters in Delhi.

Back in my apartment, I started to think that now that I have enough time to follow my passion, i still have this urge to spend money like i use to when i was earning back in India. Its such a sad irony we always miss what we don't have. I wish someday my passion could lead me to earn the same way. I wish we didn't always have this insatiable need to have everything. But then I think, we are all humans. And sometimes this insatiable need leads to exploring every possible human facet to make things possible.

So i am here, writing again, waiting to be discovered by some multi-national to be able to vent out my pent up energy. How? I still don't know. But i shall keep you posted on my daily thought processes and challenges.

About putting a story line to my post. That won't be possible, you see, I'm still an incomplete story in myself. I'm making my ways around. And i haven't even achieved 1/10 th of what i set out for when i came to this country.

So cheers to the week ahead..

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  1. You seem to be exploring a very interesting chain of thought. And then you give up and attribute it to us being human

    On another note.. I noticed a trend in your blogs.. All of them.. alcohol :P I like it :)