Sunday, May 30, 2010

The sun that never sets

This is against my principles to work or write or do anything constructive on a lovely Sunday evening but i couldn't help it. The thoughts that keep coming in when i look out of my window compelled me to write. Also its the effect of some alcohol, I'm guessing.

Is there one and only unique identification to us. Is it only my paintings that can complete me, is there only my writing, is it only the money flowing in to my bank account, is it only my hubby's support, is it only me being a sister( having my siblings name tattooed), my parents daughter??? What is it??? Unfortunately, we human being can never ever have that one unique identification code to complete us??? Can we???

Hmmm...random thoughts..I'll think about tomorrow after being over my bout of insanity?? I'll write in sober tomorrow..


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