Friday, May 28, 2010

Its a Friday :)

The last working day of the week brings such a smile on ones face, doesn't it? After a long week of hard work, well mostly for the working and in my case, pulling off a routine. The weekend is full of broken routines and the better thrills in life.

I can't believe I'm still writing and following a pattern. In my case the pattern is 3 things:
You see, I never felt more resourceful in life even when i was working. I think a part of the reason was because i always knew i was in the wrong profession. Today I have the opportunity to sit back and do what i wish :). Well it wasn't always so, i'm the same person who got rejected 11 times before landing a job in Big City promotions. Or faced 20 odd rejections before landing up in Reliance. When i think back on all those time, I'm definitely relieved that today i can be myself for better or worse.

I was watching this movie yesterday, "The great Indian butterfly", its about how caught up in life we get, we overlook when peace, love and happiness is knocking on our door. I was so caught up in my office politics in Bangalore that sometimes i forgot to say "I love you" to my hubby. Or I overlooked when my darling flat mate made me those endless coffees over my bickering.

Take time out this weekend, look at the people you love, tell them you love them without being ashamed. Do one crazy act this weekend and be yourself.

Have a great weekend..!!

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