Thursday, May 27, 2010

Madness: New level

Well my sister did not turn up online today. So I decided to paint us together. No I'm not losing my marbles and talking to my paintings as yet but very soon, I'll get there for lack of company.

The foreign office refuse to give me a letter which stated that I'd applied for a resident permit. With this my last few hopes of enrolling myself in a language course seemed to drown. The foreign officer was a rather rude bitch to put it mildly. She refuse to look at me and said that it was " very bad, you don't know German". I mean was she serious?? She doesn't know English?? Who doesn't speak English?? The auto wallas in Bangalore speak English for crying out loud. And I just landed in Germany 3 weeks back!! This time I didn't bury my sorrows in JD rather i took up the constructive route and worked myself out in the gym for a good 2 hours.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to vent out all my frustrations to my sister so I decided to paint her :) Wait till she sees it, she'll want to kill me for sure. Anyway, the painting doesn't seem to be proportionate so I'll have to work some more on it.

Oh yeah, I also made a mental note yesterday that anyone calling me a useless housewife would be struck off my friend list. Really, most of my friends struggled to get a job for 6 months but that didn't make them losers or did it?? I've worked very hard all my life and this is my time to bask in the sun and do what I'm good at: Art and writing! And I shall do just that.

Balls to the language and the people who've regret to inform me that I'm not eligible for a job just because i don't speak their frigging language.



  1. didi....! angry young woman - far from a house-wife....! don't let the buggers pull ya down...!
    for one, i am the biggest fan of your perseverance and grit - i take inspiration from your Banglaore job hunt all the time - its whats keeping me going in my yet-not-successful job hunt...!
    so you know what - though you are right in not having a JD out of anger - go have one tonight for this reason - you are a Rock star and no one's ever gonna pull ya down...
    cheers sis...!

  2. Thanks Angie..this is exactly why I want a bag big enough to carry u n Shaivi along with me every time.
    N hey best of luck for the job hunt, I'm on the same boat again..

  3. Mad Woman, it was chutti here so dint come online..u r god damn right about the painting..

    As for people who call u a house wife, like i said earlier r jealous that u r in germany n they are not.

    About the german bitch..what do u expect,not very long back..those people tried to wipe an entire race out!! ull still find traces of their ancestors' madness..dont pay heed.

    Dont worry my trip too was a big fat flop, im stayin over in delhi only, jus tellin ma im goin to Pillani..fuck man..only if u were in fuckin Blore i wud jus fly down.. man didi i miss u.. were u not in ur senses when u decided to go to germany..

    Talk abt love being deaf, dumb, blind n unintelligent. I have learnt my lesson boss..never leave the people u cant do without..n weed out the idots from ur life.

    I miss u sister..Im earnin ..jus for 6 months..we are supposed to be shopping right now, having a blast..making road trips..even i talk to slash wen i miss u a lot..everyday wen i drive it early in the morning i tell slash how im just its caretaker n its real real friend/master is away for a while..believe it or not after that conversation..i cud change gears easily..cud glide in the car..
    slash was so difficult in the beginning, the gears were stubborn, the brakes were moody n the was always giving me a tough time. Now all is good

    Cant wait for december..might be job less that ti me..but it dont matter..ill get to see u!

    Love u very very much..will keep u posted