Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Black and white

The title signifies, the colors of the sky today and the painting that I just finished.

I've not thought anything today, I'm completely blank..I think the colors signify my mood too.

Being the master of your time and mood can be tough at times. Hehe..I'm kidding. It's quite easy and beautiful, the way I look at it. I've had an awesome weekend surrounded by friends and spouse, so that has slowed down my thinking process in some ways. Takes time for the brain to come back to the grind and think on its own.

I'll talk about what i just finished painting. It's a defeated lion. The lion signifies power and strength to me. I have not been able to capture the expressions so well on paper, but what touched me was the pain in his expressions. The background black and white stands for defeat and victory. In this case of course, it stands for the defeat of the invincible beast. It made me think of all the times empires fell, Kings got thrown off their throne and all the helplessness. Personally, I faced similar situations, sometimes in love and sometimes in my career. The difference in all those circumstances and the painting is that I still lived to conquer all those personal defeats whereas the lion meets death. It's true when they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I know these are strong words but if you've lived or loved life as passionately as i have, you would identify with this feeling.

So, here's cheers to life and to the painting I finally managed to complete!

Pour in your thoughts on passion and let's talk :)


  1. Life is usually gray. Black and white are only products of volition.

    A dead lion is not a defeated lion. The lion could have died a fighter. Defeat is a choice not a condition and I think the expression captures that choice well. Beautiful Work!

  2. Thank you for the appreciation on the work.