Friday, November 2, 2012

While I walk the fields of Gold..

While the rest of the world sleeps right mind tends to drift in fields of Gold..

While my life is far from perfect at the moment..there are some spirits around me which give me strength, love and inspiration like never before. I feel like I'm getting closer to my goals than ever.

I see the clouds drifting away from the light of the stars that now seem to burn the sky so bright, some how some of them are making the moon shy away in all its brightness.

They say "Be so good that the world can no longer ignore you"..and somehow may be it was an investment in some human emotions that is pulling me through my darkest times right now.

We are all born with families but then we tend to come here, walk these paths with some companions and make connections born out of the heart and soul. I'm just one of those few lucky souls to find just the right companions at the right time. My companions share a light that ignites my spirit in the grueling grey skies and November rains. They help me pave my path and we all share this journey in the fields of Gold.

I wish my life would make as much sense as my imagination does right now. I wish so bad that I could realize all these images in my head in to reality..may be someday soon I will..but tonight I'll just live in them because I've already put in a day's work..

I hope that everyone who is close to me at this time and has shown faith in my dreams and my spirits is able to see the light of the day, when I'm able to realize it all and we can all walk in the fields of gold together.

To the "few" rockstars in my life.."our" band will make it and amen to that.

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