Monday, October 29, 2012

The Oneness in the divide..

Sometimes the simplest of joys bring people closer than words or experiences ever would. Today as I sat with my guitar teacher and we strummed along the chords of "Unchained melody"..we started to hum and sing along. It was so sweet, the way he could take the low chords and when he had trouble with the high notes, I pitched in..before we knew..we had jammed the entire song and strung it along to make a must have sounded nice because his little dog came and snuggled up close beside us and looked at us for more..

Music has no language except the pain or joy of the soul..

Later today..I decided to push myself to the limits of my physical fitness. I worked with the same trainer for straight 2.5 hours. As my trainer took on trainings one after the other, she kept challenging me to go further with weights and reps. Somehow..with the right "breathing" techniques and momentum, I was able to pass through the routines without breaking too much of a sweat. The result..the formation of a bond based on respect..again no words...

Physical training requires no language or exchange of words..just the sounds of the clink of the weights and a sweet exertion..which only fitness freaks can understand..

Any form of art and I consider physical training a part of an art form because it requires the same passion and dedication to work-out day after day..unites us in such indefinite ways.

People who pursue these forms will always remain united and unchallenged from the rest of the world..and that in itself is the biggest irony of oneness in a divide..think about it..

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