Saturday, October 27, 2012

Marry me to the sky..

Charlyn Marie Marshal  re-itrates my feelings at the moment "Marry me..marry me to the sky.."

The first snowfall in Stuttgart...the smell of coffee and the warmth of my apartment in my doesn't get better than this on a Saturday morning. The snow seems so innocent and pure as it sets itself on the brown roof-tops of houses. There is a certain calmness and wonder in the atmosphere. Each snow-flake seems to create it's on swooshing magic..

What is it about the snow that makes the whole world around you look like a fairytale..? Each curtain in every house is drawn so wide-open and I can see almost all the people in their windows smiling around and looking at the snow fall with that cup of coffee, cocoa or tea. Are they thinking about creating their little fairytale too? Is everyone around living in this moment of wonder too, with their hearts beating in the rhythm of the snow-flakes falling on the ground?

I wish I could freeze this moment just for a bit and inhale it's beauty through and through..

After last night's cold rain..this is all I needed..a little magic..a belief..a hope..the freshness of the new season..and if I could..I would marry the sky right now..

And this is how I feel right's already been written down by Ms. Marshal :

"Bury me, marry me to the sky 
Marry, marry me to the sky
Feels like time is on my time
Bury me upside down
Cherokee, kissing me
When I’m, I’m going down
Feels like time is on my time "

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