Monday, November 5, 2012

The fallen men

Disney movies have retarded the mind of little girls and impressionable minds for the longest time now. I have decided to unveil the curtains on real life now.

In real life the big hearted princess kisses the ugly frog only to turn the frog in to an uglier toad and she then transforms in to a prince. This princess turned prince then carries the burden of the ugly toad her/his entire life.

My slight bitterness against fairy tales comes from a very real experience. I was a very successful woman with a career and a car. I had a lot for one woman to handle. I just decided to kiss the frog. Very soon I lost everything that made me the princess I was. As I kept losing my dreams, I kissed another frog. This time I even lost everything that even made me meet my human needs. As the frogs in my life trampled around my heart and soul, I decided to live.

I've often been told I'm overly ambitious. I want to make one thing very clear. As a princess turned prince now, I do have basic needs
and my standards to maintain. So as I looked around many stores today not for clothes but for jobs with my friend today, I thought to myself about all the lame Heroes people talk about and about the fact that these are mostly men. To me all of them have fallen.

In the times to come, I forsee a new generation of weaker men and their weaker thinking power. They will just become pawns to women's powerful mind games and before they know it all the princesses would be playing their knights in shining armour as the new prince.

Disney: I have a few new ideas based on reality to share.

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