Thursday, November 15, 2012

Longer and Narrowing walkways

I always thought that I will remain untouched by time and age. I've tried to beat both at all given times, mostly physically and emotionally but the one thing good that time and age have done to me is give me an immense amount of patience and hope.

I met some of my closest friends in the past few days. People who have known me for over 6-7 years or more. When it comes to friendships, I have always been someone, who has jumped up to meet people but now I take a different approach. I saw myself walking down longer roads to connect with people rather than taking short-cuts. It could be taking the metro rather than jumping in to the car, it could be walking down the campus through longer meandering ways rather than taking the shorter-routes out and I wondered all this while why?

I still love all my friends just the same way but why build up the anticipation? (And by building up the anticipation, it doesn't mean making people wait, it just means starting out earlier than before) I think it has to do with me trying to relish each moment I spend with them and before even spending time with them, already thinking about how we build up all these relations. I have a handful of people that I really enjoy meeting in Delhi and these people are all so different and yet so connected to me. So whether it's a friendship based out of sports, out of good old engineering times or my smoke-breaks in the corners of buildings, I enjoy them all and I like to think of what went in to the making of these relationships.

I have been so impulsive in making and breaking relationships that today I find it important to understand what goes on behind in these makings and breaking of bonds. It's almost like being behind the camera and shooting your own life. The only thing I do differently is that I'm trying to shoot it in slow motion. And believe me it is more fun.

In a city like Delhi where life has lesser value than time and money (going by the size and speed of the cars), I like to move around differently, a little slower and a little more alert. I like to enjoy the little greenery and narrowing pathways that still exist. I also try to enjoy the conversations which are a little far away from materialism that consumes this city.

Lucky for me, I still have a few people I can come back to here and a mouthful of sky under which we can enjoy our time in the buzzing city.

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