Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Walk the line

The movie "Walk the line" takes us through the journey of Johny Cash and June Carter but that's not what I am going to talk about in my blog. I have a new take on walking the line. In the life of an artist, it is very difficult to walk this line. He walks through a thin path between a world which based on reality and creativity. The real world awaits expectations, corruption and commercialization, where you have to sell yourself just a little bit more everyday to meet up to the market or fancy "world" standards. Then there is this creative world, where your imagination knows no bounds, it can take you to the level of euphoria which no one can enjoy or dwell in except you. In between these worlds of reality and creativity, there is a little line, the line, most of us walk.

To walk this line takes skill and patience. The skill is not to fall too deeply in to either of the worlds and keep your sanity alive. (If there is a sanity that could exist). The patience to realize that these two worlds someday and somewhere might converge, when, where or how is the big mystery. 

I often envy the great gone philosophers, whose philosophies still saw the light of the day and got translated in to a science. Newton or Einstein came up with their own creative ideas and then got a place in to our science books based on their hypothesis. I think we live in harder times, where the world sees too much of blacks and whites. The expectations from us are so defined that sometimes in the process of realizing your dreams, your fire simmers. Somehow, the acceptance of colors is what the world really needs but to find that need to walk the line.

I read on a friend's Facebook update today "What's the point of trying to fit in when you will stand out anyway." With that fight for trying to fit in or if I ever had that fight..ends's so much better just being the madman walking that line between the parallel co-existing worlds.


  1. Ahh nicely put as always... Here are my 2 cents on the same lines. The convergence, is the line itself.. it is as much as it would converge. Also, when you excel at creativity what kills it more often is the attempt to translate that to materialistic (or non... name, fame) gains.
    We often want to write more than what we should, paint more often that we feel like, click much more frequently than is worth to just 'deliver'. The day we don't have any deliverables is the day we'll be really creative.. that is how it begins.. and then we generally lose it as we get better... Bell Curve you see..

  2. Hmm..interesting way of looking at things..I would generally like to follow the cumulative frequency curves..which only go up..the bell curve was never my favorite..