Saturday, October 20, 2012

The people trying to fly without wings....

And then I left the cover on the world..there comes a point in your life where people stop asking you the most important questions in your life like "Are you happy?" and "How does this person or experience make you feel?" and "Are you going to be ok if you do this?"..when people in your life stop asking you the most important's important to let go of them.... and concentrate on yourself and feel sorry for them...

I believe that life is such a long and beautiful journey that everyone around you, should be able to enjoy this journey with you. When people around you seem to be more worried about a social standing or themselves and their association with you, you should leave them behind you..forever.

I've seen that no matter what I do, I find people to love me for who I am rather than what I do. And I think that that is the most important aspect in life. There are so many people who just want to get the better of you but there are only a few, who are willing to give themselves to you, regardless of your or their circumstances, these are the people who will last or rather enjoy your journey in life with you.

Anyone and everyone who doesn't respect you, forget love, love is another theme altogether, should be disposed off as quickly as possibly, because sooner or later they will fester on your little soul. Also, disapproval in society makes you strive harder. I always say when there are more than a few, who like and respect you, there is a problem: Either you are a genius( Which is rare!) or you are not being true to yourself. Either which way, there should be only a certain few who really know you, the rest shall all be just *shit* to you..whether you were born with them or have to bear with them. The disapproval makes you insane and makes you give 110% to your living because you know that you are the only one who believes in your principles or morales and you know you have only one person to satisfy: yourself.

So make sure that there are more people who hate your guts than like you for who you are or are going to be..because then you are just going to be one of those pretentious bast**ds who will die a homeless, unfulfilled death without passion or dreams.

Life will teach you lesson that you should be prepared for rather than wonder what came and hit you..

With that thought..destroying your Friday evenings..


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