Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chase the fog out..

Yes, I jogged in to the foggy morning today, I almost felt that as I jogged faster and further, I almost chased the fog off. In reality of course it may just have been another illusion of my mind trying to motivate me to go the last few miles but I learnt something even out of that little jog.

Have you seen how much time we sometimes spent procrastinating. I spent at least a good 30% of my day, looking out of the train windows or classroom windows thinking of what might have been or what could have been, had I made a few other decisions in life. I sometimes tend to look or try to control my own future so much so that in the end, I exhaust myself with thoughts than the real work that I could do. I believe that it is almost like the fog in the morning that I was running through. At first, it looked so dangerous, I thought I could be easily hit by a careless driver driving fast on those roads, and then I slowly realized that the fog wasn't as dense as I'd made out to be. I also felt that as I ran faster, I gained more confidence and that my goal for the day kept coming closer. I had a good jog and yes in the end I did make it to my destination in spite of the "dense" fog.

I think when one sets a target for oneself whether it be a career, love or just plain joy..every force in nature comes forward to support you if you are willing to run that distance. Like the fog in the morning, there would always be reasons to self-doubt and look at the unprecedented risks of the steps you are about to take, but with determination and will, soon the other factors in life seem to dissolve like the fog today.

I know running through the fog is not a big deal but sometimes I think that the nature around us is so beautiful, it gives us a solution to the simplest of problems in its own way. I found mine :)

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