Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stars don't die, they fade away in to supernovas

As she lay on the ground with a broken wing and a thousand memories that had brought her to this point, she looked up....she looked up to see the mischievous hawks looking down at her. One by one they started to make their way down at her..with their claws, their hunger, their thirst..almost the same way that society brings you down with their expectations, judgements and their own made-up morality. It never made sense to her how the human race could do more harm amongst each other and to each other than any other alien race could do to them..but as of now she lay as a prey to scavengers..who wanted to take away the little bit that was left of her.

As the first scavengers scooped down at her, they were hit by the biggest thud on their low-lying living they saw the flock surrounding the now dying bird....the flock was one, she had flown with a while back..she wondered why they'd come now to protect her....was it her injuries that made them sympathize? Was it because all of them had spent a time together that was more meaningful than a whole lifetime? Was it because they believed that she would be ok, once she found her spirit again and learnt to fly with them again? Whatever it was, in the midst of the dilemma of acceptance for being who she was and where she was or for being seen as the weak..she decided she would not be taken in by the scavengers anytime soon...there were more flights to be taken and higher horizons waiting for her in the shining today was not the day she would be taken down....

As she licked her wounds under the wings of the protectors and made her way out of the flock in to the shining sun through the wings of the others, she looked behind. She looked behind just for a few seconds to see the wounds that had now healed in to scars. The scars just re-assured her that where she had been would never be a place that she would ever tread upon again..

She made her way up with the others..she breathed a sigh of relief at the new found freedom. The freedom that comes with the acceptance of being accepted for what she was than what she was expected to be..and she knew..she belonged in the vastness of the sky rather than in its perils.

She flew till the stars shone bright in the sky..a few remained with her..but they were there to enjoy and appreciate their journey with her..and she thought to herself..Stars don't die..they fade away in to supernovas..and sometimes just sometimes..they leave a whole galaxy behind...she belonged there with these stars..

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