Friday, October 5, 2012

Chasing the sunshine

Today was one of the first most beautiful days of autumn. Autumn in our little valley is usually all about the rain and the grey skies but today as nature would have it, we were blessed with an abundance of sunshine and colors.

I could breathe the autumn freshness, the flowers in the garden..if you could somehow breathe the transition of colors, I would say, I truly did that too. It's so amazing as the greens give way to the reds and maroons each year. The leaves have not started falling as yet but just the thought that they will very soon, makes you live in the moment even more.

Although each season has its own significance, autumn is always the month of transitions. First off, it makes me fall in love with the littlest of things around. The fascinating pinks and blues in the sky almost sing the song "The latest trick" by Dire straits in your ears. It also makes every vein in your body throb and feel so alive. You feel like you can work more, the smile becomes easier not just for you but for others too and some how I can even think clearer in the autumn breeze.

What is the mystery of the autumn? I try to capture it each year with my paint brushes but I can never really do justice to it..this year I'm even trying to recreate it through music..even music is not enough..

I do wonder, how it would be if autumn were a person. It would be smooth, mysterious and someone who would smell so great all the time....

Yessss..autumn is finally here. I tried to catch all the sunshine I could today, if I could, I would take rucksacks with me to capture it..I tried to catch it at coffee houses, while teaching, painting, even while making some music...and yet the sun went down...but it leaves me with a lot of hope that tomorrow..I may get to capture some more of it on my canvasses while chasing the sunshine...

Cheers to a great Friday evening!

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