Sunday, May 13, 2012

Why can't we be?

So this is for you my friend. It took me a midnight walk and a few glasses of wine to come to the answer of why can't we be? It's human. The human mind. It is so strong. We can be who we want to be, create what we want to create, make people believe what we want them to believe, we have come of the day and age, where we can let our imagination, enter the minds, hearts and touch the souls of everyone around. It's human to want to be and to let others believe that they can't be.

How we miss out on this is that in this world of make-believe: The only audience that we miss out on most days is us. We refuse to recognize what we are capable of..and it is not motivation we require or at this age, even an approval. It is the simple alignment of mind, body and soul.

Once we manage to align our feelings and drive our minds to what our goals are, the universe falls short of options. The other thing that we miss on apart from recognizing ourselves is: The present. The present somehow slips away each time we sit around pondering. Time really is like the sand grains in a glass bottle.In the good times, it always seems to move faster. It is through the tough and obstructive times, that we get caught in to it. The only thing that helps us move forward better is to spend the present wisely. To be able to embrace whatever little we have, and to build it like artillery for the future.

No one knows what the future holds or for that matter who it holds in it for us. The only thing certain is what's within us.Everything that we invest in ourselves will for sure stay with us. So whether it's education, whether it's a new sport, a new instrument, an intelligent conversation or just that walk in the midnight; it's all these that will see us through to be what we can and want to be.

Take time out, time out to kill every possible fear, pain and inhibition and look around and for the time being, even if it means blending around and doing what you have to do, do it. It's called being and existing and some how through this being and existence, we will stand out. It's Darwin's theory isn't it: survival of the fittest. The only race we have is with ourselves, so where is the problem really?

I say we can be! Can be what we want to be. So let's dream big and like Walt Disney said "I dream, I do.."


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  1. Profound.. deep and meaningful! Though I'd still say... as always.. it's easier said than done... look around.. it's not the complex things that are tough to do... to 'simplify' is the most beautiful and among the toughest things mankind has done. What you're talking about is simplifying life... I wish it was that simple, but again... we should all give it a shot at least! :)
    Well thought and better put down!