Monday, April 30, 2012

Ink, Imagination and Animation

After watching "Avengers" in 3D today, I started to think about where it all began. The seeds of it all were sown by one man's imagination. It took him a pen and then an illustration to bring his idea to a piece of paper. Those pieces of paper got bought and then animated. The animation probably was 2D and now 3D.

Now I am all about evolution and the effects that it brings along with it. It spreads to the masses and we sit in cinema halls applauding mostly the technology that went behind it (at least I did). Somewhere deep down, we do admire the imagination don't we (I tried to but I was so awed by the technology!)? I do think about the man who imagined it all and did he imagine these characters to be the actors that were put on the screen out there?

I wonder. In this world of Kindles, notes, 3D and even 4D, how does the average thinker,writer and illustrator feel? Don't mind my pre-historic thinking but I still love holding those books. I like their smell and their feel. I also love the 2D animations by Walt Disney. I'm so hung up on animations like "Beauty and the Beast", "Snow white and the seven dwarfs", "Little mermaid", "Lion King" and the others. I'd hate to have them wiped off from the generations to come.

In the world of abstracts and short-forms, I'd still want writing and art to hold a place like it does in my heart. May be a part of my paranoia also comes from the fact that earlier I use to write on paper (I still do, some habits die hard) and now I sit here typing.Will I evolve in to a generation which forgets what it is to write??(May be even lose a thumb in the process!!) I still paint with crayons, chalk, pencils and whatever I could get my hands-on. I hope that never goes away. (My paranoia getting the best of me at this point!!)

Almost everything that we see today is somewhat of a re-creation except technology. So are the writers, painters and illustrators in for a rude snub? (Including the little budding me :-( !) I sure hope not!

Let us let them live. Let us buy the comics and see the 2Ds. I want them to be immortal.I want thinking to grow not just in terms of evolution and inspiration but also in terms of absolute innovation.

Well then let the charity begin at home ;) ! Time to watch some 2D, read a book and see an old cartoon.


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