Saturday, April 28, 2012

Of Worldly pleasures and barriers

After a nice long day of worldly pleasures, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting in bed with my laptop and listening to the sounds of the night. I have always thought of myself to be more of a night person than a day person but what I find most interesting these days is that the time that I enjoy the most is the early mornings or the late nights. The most honest of times. As the world sleeps around me during my early morning walks or my nightly writing sessions, I find it rather comfortable to hear the nothingness around me.

It also draws my thoughts to positive feelings of love, goals, home and life. A nice, very long walk to a beer garden, an almost burnt arm due to a somewhat heat-stroke and then a little snooze under the sheets makes me love life even more. I don't know what it is that people look for so hard in their life when all it requires is good company, laughter and a little above average conversation. I guess the latter is hard to find.

I sat in a very loud club last night and did a usual night-out filled with booze and dancing but the only interesting part that stands out in my memory is talking about enriching yourself and accepting people the way they are. Me and my friends discussed how we want to take up some instrument, learn a new sport, discover new routes in our city and go out on more excursions. We also spoke about different languages, their sounds and how each language could be related to one another. And inspite of the human-ness of it all, there is a question that disturbs me..if all of us are just looking to enrich ourselves then why does one have political, language, cultural and other miserable barriers?

I guess I'd have to grow up to find that out (:P)! All I know is that..home is where the heart is where life exists..and life exists in music, art, good conversations and in really living it to the fullest..and living is what I do...and what makes me happy!

Ok so cheers to a "Simply happy" life :)

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