Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy mother's day to who? (Sexual predators on the loose!)

This is dedicated to all the women I know, if you are man enough to be a women, then go ahead read this. You are my mothers, my sisters and even my best friends. You have been my confidant and my support but most of all, you were there to protect me because that is the nature of women-kind. We believe in territory and we believe in securing rather than conquering. Why do we then keep silent on issues that determine our life and the ones that we love and want to die for?

I am going to talk about child abuse, as it is and as we saw it on Satyemev Jayate. Some of us, actually 1 out of 2 of us have gone through it. I am not ashamed to admit that someone in my family could've attempted the same with me. This is how they go through it, they are trusted, they are our relatives, they take us in a room and touch us in all the places, we wouldn't let anyone and I even mean our boyfriends or our lovers and now our husbands to go in to. Then we let these leeches in society prey on us. Why? Well, in the beginning it is out of innocence, in adolescence, it is because of rejection from society but when we reach adulthood, why do we still refrain or restrain from talking about it? Don't give it the name of repression or respect for your elders because guess what after 25, the only respect that one can earn is, through that respect from us.

Why do we then continue to give reasons to our silence?As you must have seen in the show and  like in big organizations give it the name of "whistle blowing". Why can't we implement the same at our houses? What is the worst that you can face? Honestly I think nothing except that we can save generations to come and start a trend of awareness. I see nothing wrong with that.

I guess all that I have to do or anyone of us 1:2 has to do is to tell our parents what happened to us. What happens next is up to them. May be some of them may even die after listening to what we were put through or how our innocence was taken away from us but what is guaranteed to us is: It will not happen to anyone next to our kin. Not so bad right?

I think we should do it, let us get up in the morning, think about this or form the right words to break it to our parents. Let's bring this to age. Let them learn something from us or from what we feel from all that we learnt from them. How about that for a change?

It's time we break this stupid silence and wish our mom's for real. Happy mother's day mom.

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