Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What if I was a tree? every afternoon, every evening and before I go off to sleep, I see this pine tree from my window and I wonder..could it hear me? Could it already know about my day, before me actually saying it? Could it possibly be telling me stuff that I can't hear because of my disability of having a sixth sense?

Now, I start to think about it's life. It was probably planted before I was born because of it's height and spread across my lawn. It has also seen more life than I have. May be the people who were living here before I was, have also spoken to it or thought about it's "withstanding nature".

It stand in front of me, so strong, so untouched and like an audience..what each day has in hold for it. We face such extreme weather conditions here and while I sit here in my heated house, it faces the heat, the wind and the mean cold weather. Yet it never once thinks about bending down or succumbing to the harsh realities which I translate in to my blogs or poems. It stands there as a symbol of: What true strength is all about?

It's about an unconditional love, it's about unconditional strength. A tree would never look for a job, would it? It knows what it was meant, born and grown for. It wouldn't expect me to leave it a thank you not every night for listening to it or for being there for me..would it? It would naturally be a listener to my deep or shallow thoughts? It would even be correcting me, without me knowing it. Oh boy! Such grace, beauty and strength in just one of nature's great wonders!

Now..what if..I could just be a what I have to do without bothering what anyone expects me to do, watch people as an audience, rather than contributing anything to their testing, what if I could give, without getting anything in return?

What if I could be a tree? I wonder....


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