Friday, May 18, 2012

The thing about war..

After watching Schindler's list for the first time today, I've gone in to a deep thinking mode. I have lot of questions regarding wars and I have a lot of observations from the movie.

First the questions. Why does one go on a war or let's come down to ground level, even fights? In my understanding it usually starts from a deep hunger of power. The deep hunger comes from a certain depravation, it could be food, shelter, human dignity and of course money. Wars should ideally have stopped after the need is fulfilled right? But then there comes the ego, they say "Make a lion taste blood and then he wouldn't stop hunting". In reality even they stop after their hunger is met with. So what then is the cause for a war to go on? Is it then the ego? Once you started, you can't step down or stop, can you? Ego then becomes more precious than the initial hunger that one started out for, doesn't it? Who really wins in this war? As I understood from history: no one. Why then do people repeat the same mistakes what has been shown to us, taught to us or told to us? Is the human race meant to perish by it's own hands? After all "The dictator" who killed the millions, finally took his own life too. So, what was this war about then? All the people, and may be that's why I hate groups, followed the whims and fancies of one man? The one man who finally took his own life. (I can't help but smile at the foolishness that lives in us. We have the power to create but in that time we miserably choose to destroy). What would have happened if someone as smart as "The dictator" had decided to invent a time machine rather than spend time and resources on building concentration camps?

My observation in the movie was  that Schindler says " The war makes people bad, really bad, in-fact the worst!". And then you see, Schindler's heart change and him leading the way for 1100 people like Moses.It reminded me of the scene from 10 commandments. I would say, it took out the best in him. Not only did he save lives, he re-started manufacturing and made money in the war. He had a business during the time of war? Have you ever heard that before?

My friend put it correctly today, she said it's not one man, it's any of us. Most of us, if given a gun in our hands would misuse it or feel powerful, wouldn't we?It's the choice we make, when we hold that gun in our hand. Are we holding it to protect someone or to harm someone?The fantastic thing about power is that it comes from control. Yes, again Schindler's quotation. Which brings me to another question: Why do we need guns? Is it because we are scared someone will harm us? And if so who? Or is it because we are so scared of ourselves?

Lastly the most important observation and question that comes from the movie is: "Why do we so easily destroy when we can powerfully create?"

Hmm..Think about it..

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