Monday, February 27, 2012

The devil inside me....

The biggest devils to fight in life are those that live within you. It's the devil that struggles with patience, it always wants everything to be laid on the platter for you, it wants it all NOW. It doesn't understand life, time, obstacles and the other meagries of life.

It drives you inwards, a fast unexplainable torque. It pushes you further all the time. So whether you are running on a treadmill and your body nor your stamina can sustain you, the devil will push you harder. It's facing you, when temptations are unleashed, it could be food, alcohol, that chick/ hunk or that LBD.It drives you sleepless, when you cannot meet the goals for a day. In my case, it even makes me insane, when I only want to paint for hours or keep pouring my thoughts in to words. I also find it hard to suppress this devilish desire of inventing my own flying machine and flying off every now and then to new places. I call my vicious ambition also a play of the devil. When I see people content, the devil causes me envy, the envy that can't be fought off due to my restless nature! I want to know, does this devil live inside you too? If so, what does it usually push you towards? Does it sometimes push you so far, that you fear, it is almost self-destructive?Do we fight the devil or give in?

I'll be honest, I'm often prey to the seven sins stated by Moses. I believe the seven sins are a part of my human-ness but at the same I also know that I'm giving in to the devil, which I'm completely capable of fighting off. I let the devil play me at times, and at times I play the devil to my advantage.

The biggest monster in the world for me today is my own inner devil. It's hard for him to sleep especially when I don't have enough to do...when I still have so many ideas..and only a few expressions to express them...

So as I fight with my inner devils...figure out yours...


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