Sunday, January 15, 2012

What are we really afraid of?

Most of us live our lives in fear.  The fear could vary from a simple rejection from a college/job/loved ones, un-accepatance from a society, the fear of public speaking, the fear of speaking a foreign language, the fear of interviews, the fear of losing a job, the fear of not getting that job,the fear of heights, the fear of the dark, the fear of water, the fear of the unknown, the fear of a screw-up....and so on.

I face a fear too. I'm afraid to lose control, control of situations, afraid to lose control of my emotions and to lose control of MYSELF. But then I ask myself, if every situation was planned and every bend in the road known, then how would I be able to justify my existence?

The other thing I thought about between yesterday and today were the circumstances that some people have had to deal with. I saw "Black Friday" and "Munich" yesterday. I saw the manipulation, the human play of emotions, the agendas, the propagandas and how lives could be played with. It makes life seem so little and precious.

Another stark reality for me is my country: India. A place where poverty, hunger, rape, unemployment, the worthlessness of life exists. In my country fear cannot be evaded, it has to be fought.Being competitive  in my country is not someones ability, it is a necessity. Hard work is not a choice but a compulsion.

I realize that part of our fear comes from our circumstances.The one with the circumstances, unfortunately cannot be dealt with, it's what life gave us.The other part comes from within, having to justify your existence to yourself. I think what is most important is to kill our own fears one by one. To try something different each day.To get up in the morning and resolve to try harder. To live life and celebrate whatever comes your way everyday.

We will always live with the unknown whether we like it or the only option we have is to : KILL THAT FEAR!

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