Monday, January 16, 2012

Celebrating Men!

Today's blog is dedicated to all the wonderful men in my life. I have seen how often women are celebrated and there is always this talk about women's empowerment and women's right but nobody asks the men, if they'd like some rights and empowerment too :) !

I have had the bliss of being with some of the most awesome men ever! The best times of my life were in Engineering with three of my best friends being guys. This is not to say I didn't have female friends but the tantrums I could get away with my guy friends were sheer joy. I remember this one time I decided to ride an elephant to college and my guy friends encouraged me on my outrageous behavior and guess what I did..I did just that.My toughest break-ups never seemed hard with my male friends around, we didn't have to talk about them or cry about them. I just rested in knowing the fact that there were better men around, the men who would make me feel safe and respect my space and decisions.

At work I never felt the need to fight for any rights or empowerment. I was always equal. I always had friends and men to treat me as equal. I remember my male friend telling me "Don't ever sell yourself short!" and till date I never have.

Today I continue to have an equal number of male and female friends. There is no distinction in the love, the honest advice and the support that I seem to draw from both the sexes. If at all, some of my male friends can be more critical and more honest than my female friends and I give them that because some of them continue to live with my drama more realistically and closely.

We women can be very moody and to be honest we are like the song by Billy Joel: "She's always a woman to me". Yet another man celebrating a woman. It's time for women to move on in life and to find these right men.

I think some of our fathers could have been more than very hard on us. We cannot change that, but the one thing we can do in life is to choose to be with men who respect us, can care about us, sometimes cry with us, support us and love us through our flaws. They may be tough on their exteriors but actually they are just like us.

These men exist! I want every woman who reads this today to know that. I've had the good fortune of meeting some really nice guys out there. And might I add, they have treated me nothing less than a princess. So to all the women out there, smarten up, find these men, take my help and make them your Prince!

Cheers to all you wonderful men out there!!

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