Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Latent knowledge

Most of us lead our day to day life believing we know only what we see and what we are currently involved with. How many of you believe that we still carry the education around that we got in school, college or post grad to our work desks or daily lives? Well, I for once believed I had forgotten what I learnt in Engineering and MBA or even in my previous jobs only to be jolted back to reality to realize that a lot of what I learnt is what I am and carry around with me everyday.

I happened to be facing a very tough interviewer today, who didn't seemed very convinced about my Engineering degree in particular. The general notion of "Women engineers: Really????". I have to admit that he tongue tied me with a simple question based on how we design a circuit, which tools we use and on what is it designed on. For a minute there, I was dismayed and then he said, if I just answered the basics...he would go on a limb to get me in....and guess latent knowledge wasn't as dormant as I thought it was....! What's wonderful about our brain's superb timing!

I must say I was delighted by the function of  "The brain"! I read so much junk on days and watch so much rubbish, I'd think that a part of my brain was actually dying and getting killed. But may be our brain has a filter function to it, which just seems to filter out the rubbish and instead store some of what it thinks is important. Which brings me back to another important question: What do you think is the storage capacity of our brain? Do you think there is a memory limit on it like our hard-drives today?I sure hope not...!!Hmmm....

So, whether you use the knowledge that you received in all those institutes you attended or are attending..the point stays with your grave...and that my friends is remarkable!

Cheers!! And keep learning :)