Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's not about how far we've come....

It's not about how far we've come..if you look back also makes you realize how far you still have to go. I would love to take the credit for the lines I just heard but I'll not. They've been lifted but they've stuck to my head all day long.

I will not look back at my whole journey again...not look back at the crazy traffic conditions, the hectic life style or even the news broad cast on NDTV Live today to remind myself of what a great life I lead. It's almost a bubble at times.

If you talk to foreigners in a country, you will always hear our outcry about our daily struggles, finding even that one person to go out with you for a coffee, a walk, a smoke or even a small talk to realize that your bubble is not just yours but others dwell in it too. It's not just the dishes that lie in your dishwasher for cleaning tomorrow. In the near future, it could also be about your application forms to universities, another odd job interview or the complex relationships we build or want to get out of. To be accepted regardless of who you are or have been.

The near future also seems to be miles away today. The patience and anticipation in life take such a toll, don't they?

I think I need a break from the monotony and need to find a nice party place for this runaway from the shadows of my past and what seems like a mirage of the future...

Only for Stuttgartners : Suggest nice party places to get away!


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  1. You know sometimes you are the statue, sometimes the pigeon...the shit continues !! So just shrug them thoughts of things from past and parrrty.