Saturday, January 21, 2012

The color Blue

I have to talk about the poor color blue. To start with...I don't understand why...feeling blue is always associated to being low and out. Blue is one of the most fantastic colors. It is the color of the sky and water!
"Blue blood" means how can blue be "so blue"!

You know when they made the song "When I'm feeling blue...", it was actually made when the person was in good spirits that's why he could write an entire song "Groovy kinda love"...

Well my thoughts on the color blue started yesterday. Yes, I had a completely "BLUE" day yesterday, which is to say fantastic! The color of the sky was blue yesterday, the rain was blue and then after a while the snow was blue and then the sky was even more student was wearing a blue top yesterday and I went for lunch to a restaurant, which served food on blue cutlery. It was all very blue. I love the color blue and I think it is unfair to associate it with sad feelings. I studied in DPS RK Puram and I was rewarded a "Blue coat" and the better academicians even wore a "Blue Tie" then can the color blue be "lonely and dull"...

I assure you, a girl wearing a navy blue or turquoise blue dress always gets only and only the best kind of attention or I always have! A man wearing a blue blazer, shirt or tie will always get admired and complimented....and for heaven's sake the color of denim is blue too...No one ever went wrong with the color blue...then why is the color blue in my palate suppose to be sad?? UNFAIR!!

So my POINT is and no I am not drunk! Give blue respect!From today onwards, in my world, blue stands only and only for Royalty, class, beauty, bundles of cheers and trumpets of joy!

Let's all be BLUE :)


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