Sunday, January 22, 2012

The meaning of you and I...

I had the most brilliant day today! Yeah, a couple of friends listening to a few beats...nice music and the awesome ambience that my home offers (only peace and tranquility). It makes me think of the unspoken words and the feeling of gratitude. The feeling of unspoken bliss and immense gratitude of life!

So if I were to live my life never thanking the people in my life of the experience that they give me, will that mean me being selfish or a saint in meditation ?? The thoughts just don't come to me from reading a "Fountainhead" or the "Atlas shrugged" by Ayn Ryand but by simple feelings of life. I have had these euphoric moments before. And trust me, being the believer that I am, I've always thanked God, at the end of each night that's been so mesmerizing!

To all the people out there, who mean the world to me, please don't expect me to come forward to thank you, because my philosophy in life, is to carry you in my heart and not in my words. The day the world expects me to thank them for what they've been to me, the world and the people that live in it, lose their meaning in life to me. Does a mother expect her child to thank her? Does a mentor expect that word of praise from his pupil? Does nature ever expect us to write it a note of gratitude?

I don't expect words from the world, I expect magic, miracles and action. If I see that you need words, I'll take them away from you, if I see that you expect gratitude, I will never give it to you. If you expect nothing, then without saying anything, I will give you much more than you could ever imagine....

My world comprises of feelings, music, art and living. The words...they are just words and will be lost in a world of transition. Embrace the moments that we have had or will have because tomorrow you and I will be in different places. A place without words. The memories and experience is all that will remain between you and I.

No more words!Think about it...


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