Sunday, January 22, 2012

An uncomplicated life

I have to be honest, watching Oprah Winfrey and I mean just watching her on TV, somehow always cleanses my soul. She is in India currently and I watched her give an interview to Barkha Dutt. She has always inspired the good in me and given me so much hope. Some of that hope, I carry with me in my uncomplicated life.

Me and my best friend once concluded that "Life is as simple, as we make it and can get as complicated as we want it". The simple theme of an uncomplicated life is almost always in front of us : Nature. My window overlooks a garden with some trees, bushes and the green grass. The weather in Stuttgart is not always kind. And although, I sit cozily in my heated apartment, the nature outside always makes me smile. On days when I'm happy, I always see the branches of the tree dancing to the tunes of the wind. The grass on the ground withstands the rain and the snow and always seems to stay green. The bushes though bare of leaves today, always seem to stand with pride and dignity. And nature in it's totality seems to be so uncomplicated in spite of facing the four seasons, each year.

I bet the grass, the bushes and the trees never compete with each other over their heights, weights or what beautiful flowers or fruits one of them can bear. They just all seem to be standing in their own sync and rhythm. Why don't we learn from them?

Each of us has our own place in life. Why then do we question our abilities? (I'm guilty of this as well!) Why is it so hard for us to accept normality? Isn't being normal in itself so unique?

As I gazed out of my window today and listened to Oprah talk about belonging to the bigger ocean in life, I have to admit, I believe that I too am a part of the bigger ocean. What I have today, is based on the choices I made in life and that I am proud of. The nature outside inspires me to try to the best of my abilities and be the best that I can be. Then why do I put a timeline or limit to what I can do?

The beauty of it all is, that the answers have always been in front of me, in nature and its magnanimous splendor and that is "The uncomplicated life".

Cheers to a wonderful Sunday!!

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