Thursday, January 12, 2012


I always end up not sleeping on the days I feel I haven't worked hard enough. I wonder am I an exception to this restlessness. At times I feel like I am caught in a time zone of stillness. A time, where it is too late to go back and too early to move forward. It's not even a cross-roads, because there are no decisions to be made, just an unexplained stillness.

As I look out the window at this unearthly hour, I see the tree outside my window, the one that has to bear with my smoke rings and my still thoughts. It has to bear with all the unspoken questions in my head, where do I go from here tomorrow?Why do I feel this utter restlessness and why can't I pick up the phone and annoy a grumbling friend?Unfortunately, the tree nor I have the answers today. Too bad.

I wonder what it takes to quench the restlessness of an uneasy soul. Could a gratifying job, loads of money, an enormous friend circle, a revolutionary cause be the answer? Who knows? I definitely don't.

I only know that on days I've burnt myself out physically and mentally can I get a charming sleep. Hmm...time to work harder I guess....

God can you give me a million pounds...I need to open a disc/bar/cafe/gym that is open for the sleepless and restless :)


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  1. Hmmm.. good existential question.. i will however recommend something contrary to taxing your mind when it demands rest.

    When the mind thinks, analyses too much just let your mind drift to inconsequential things, peaks of stillness, oceans of calmness, childhood games, quaint faces you have come across in the day..breathe slow and will enter the world of dreams gradually.