Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The eeriness of Stuttgart

I have lived in Stuttgart for almost 2 years technically I'm no longer a Delhite and more likely a Stuttgartner. Although there are still a few things that disturb me about the city, I call home. Today as I walked out of the train station, I saw a female with her head ducked inside her hands, it was so evident that she was sobbing that even the deaf or the blind would melt in pity. As I came out of the train, with more than 50 people, stepping out on the platform at the same time,I noticed, not one person stopped to ask her what was bothering her or why she felt the need to sob in public. Initially neither did I. Then I thought and re-collected all the experiences I've heard from all foreigners and residents here, how sometime or the other they have broken down, not to be heard or seen by anyone.

May be it was just the day or it was the empathy I carried back from London or the Indian in me, to stop and ask. There wasn't anything I could do for her but ask if she needed to talk. The episode struck such a stinging reality about Stuttgart. No one cares here. It's tough to find out why but people don't like to see or hear things here. Why is everyone so quiet or sad...days on the train could be like people are going for a funeral. Some people even carry blood-shot eyes and no it's not because they are doped but because they are depressed.

If everyone here is as lonely as they say they are or feel that there is no one to celebrate with...then why is there no empathy or humanness? Why is a developed nation, the city which has the third lowest crime rate, no cut-throat competition and no so cold and dark?Why do people here "NOT CARE"....? Why does it lack human emotion or character...

May be I am too new here to understand and may be I will never understand or belong here...but I never want to belong to a place so inhuman or cold...

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