Thursday, January 12, 2012

Question: Can Students and teachers be friends? life would have it..I had to get in to teaching, which is the best profession by the way, it's honest+adds value to your life+adds value to other people's life. Now about the latter part: How far can we (teachers) take it?

I am not talking about a general "Good will hunting" kind of theme. I am talking about bringing out personalities outside the classroom. Is it overstepping the boundaries, to take out your student for a coffee and talk about their problems and also being able to help them out in life, in the little ways you can?Hmm...

Help me here someone...pour in your opinions and ideas. Is it too wrong to be able to help a struggling student in getting used to a place or getting used to people? I have some great ideas on how I could change the way people see their circumstances. I personally deal with very non-normal (not abnormal!!!!) situations in my day to day life and I am as far as I know "the most nonjudgmental" person alive....So could I not just help beyond the barriers of a classroom....????

Hmm....whoever reads this...collect your thoughts and pour in your suggestions...


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  1. Build a wall between you and the students; it's all good now, but it will turn into a giant snowball which you won't be able to handle.