Monday, August 23, 2010

Unfinished business

Well this goes out to all the people who wait for little miracles to happen to them. And it will not talk about the unfinished business left behind for our politicians to look in to like the roads, the electricity situations and the general chaos at large.

I had a great weekend this time. I happened to meet some very interesting people from different backgrounds, also I had a chance to interact with some old friends online. All of this got me to thinking about unfinished businesses. We all know that since birth, we have had to deal with each aspect of life step by step. Like we learn how to walk before we learn how to talk, we learn how to talk before we learn how to write and so on and so forth. Did you ever think about skipping some of these steps and coming to where you are today? I always wished for a job before working. I thought that money would do the trick education couldn't do. I was SO wrong.

As it turns out education should and will always come before money. It gives us exposure to our own abilities and failures. And how will one know what they're good at if they don't fail at a certain aspect. This is pretty much the case with relationships too. They all have a cycle, a cycle of misery and some failure after which you realize which ones are really right for you. At any point when we try harder at things than what its meant to be, the moment there is a certain desperation..chances are they won't work out.

So is the case with with unfinished business. In my case it'll probably have to be the mathematical discomfort of "probability" and "permutation and combination". Somehow it kept haunting me till I finally had to learn it for every competitive exam.

Where ever there is unfinished business, whether it is in a certain work environment or a relationship. Chances are, one will always have to give it the required time and commitment it requires. For every product, there is a life cycle, unless it is completed, it will not go off the shelf. Even if it is a failure, every aspect of its failure has to be exhausted.

So, take a step back and look around for whatever it is that is stopping you from moving forward, chances are there is some unfinished business!!

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