Friday, August 20, 2010

A day full of possibilities

Well today goes out to the two people I spoke to as I sat here in my bed talking about possibilities. The sun has been kind enough to show itself today morning and I've decided it will be a day of unfulfilled possibilities.

I've decided to pack my bag and roam around on my favorite station: Haupbahnhof station as a nomad. The main hub of the city is full of possibilities. People sit on the side walk and paint. Some bands come there to sing or play their instruments. Also, its full of colorful stores and people. People who perform tricks, play games and put up random exhibitions of their talent.

I will not be bantering about the newspaper today or talk about my job situation. I want to simply explore the day as a nobody. I'm going to click some pictures, paint in the gardens and do some serious window shopping.

Also, this is for my sister, I'm going to do all this alone. Trust me sister, there is no ones company, I enjoy more than being with myself. I don't have to take unnecessary advise or criticism. Also, I think its high time I do what I preach so often to you. Enjoy by oneself.

So adiĆ³s people. By the end of the day you will know how a day full of possibilities turns out. Also, I'll be doing a whole lot of thinking about my conversations since morning. I do wish I could have a friend look at my bohemian look right now as I fade in to oblivion.

So long :)

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