Thursday, August 19, 2010

A paper gone wrong

You remember the feeling we had as kids when we messed up big time on a paper. I remember having nightmares over it and discussing it endlessly with my mom on what went wrong and how could I amend my mistakes the next time on.

Unfortunately as we grow up, we face similar kind of situation, but only this time there is no mom to turn back to. And sometimes there is no next time too.

I'm sure who ever reads my blogs is pretty well connected to the outside world (at least better than me). Just open the newspaper today, its hilarious to see how everybody involved in a Rs24,000 crore scam has managed to walk off Scot  free. I wonder when Raju committed this crime, did he go back to his mom and say "Hey mom, guess what I f**ked up big time" and his mom replied "Yeah baby, you'll get out better the next time!". Because unfortunately thanks to our judiciary now there will be a next time. At the same time, some people never manage to have that next time like the 18 kids who got buried alive due to a flattened roof. Also the student of Jaypee institute who accidentally  got electrocuted, unfortunately no one will be held responsible and it was supposedly no ones fault. Yet someone fu**ked up.

The ironies in our country run so deep that I think pretty soon the Oxford dictionary will have to help us look for other words. Anyway the only thing that was worth a read was the car that runs on by-products made of whiskey. That's good news, I can always say now I'm not just drinking but I'm also giving you guys a source to run your car.

So much for a paper gone wrong. I wish I'd known while growing up on how people could really fail at life and also know that some of them in spite of failing carry their pride on their heads. A thought worth thinking about.


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