Monday, August 2, 2010


I wonder how come in all my entries, I've forgotten to mention the center of my little life, my sisters. I don't know how many people out there are blessed to have sisters but I am truly blessed. My sisters integrate in to my existence so deep that over the years, I've taken some of their characters in to my personality. I'm sure they must have something from me as well, though we've never really spoken about it.

I find that some days when I wake up, I wake up with a frown and a deep need to hate the world. I think this comes from the sister who I took to the gym every morning. As it turns out, we worked out better with all that hate and wrath and the rest of the day we managed to remain calm in our worldly existence. I also find myself following "silence is the best weapon" , which I was given by one of my academically brighter sister's, when I was going through my first break-ups in school, and the whole world was out there, spreading the nastiest rumors imaginable. As I turn around to look for brighter things to cheer me up, I think of my eldest sister, in our little pact. I use to often cry on her shoulder rather her lap, yapping about being the biggest loser on earth. As it turns out, she was always right. She taught me a great deal of patience and to always keep the faith. The faith that she always held in the four of us. Us, four sisters.

Today life may be a bit different, as the four us are in three different countries. But its so great to speak to them and know that they are always there. Its so nice to still run back to them, admit to follies, cry and laugh at the same time. Life will always be safe and peaceful with all of you around.

And hopefully this December, we'll all have a chance to be in the same frame together. I love you guys and thanks for understanding me and lifting up my spirits :)


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