Saturday, July 31, 2010

Breaking bonds

For the past couple of days, I've been experiencing some funny changes. I've started to question the importance of some relationships in life. It's amusing but I'll share some of them here.

Have you noticed how some relatives only want to be in touch with you till the time you are providing them with gifts, invitations and money? This is the case only with our society I'm guessing, since most of the other countries don't really believe in this concept.

I'm also prey to many of my own misjudgments, I often find myself blindly trusting people and thinking that since I can be nice, may be the others will automatically reciprocate but this is so often not the case. In fact the minute you believe you are comfortable in any relationship, chances are that they will back fire. Don't ask me the reasons, I'm not sure I'm clear on those myself.

Do you think it was just a major failure in relationships and in career that led saints to the mountains to do nothing but pray? Did they feel they could do no more good to the society as people or economically? Were they so embarrassed of their own kind and themselves, that they sought a path of virtual living. I wonder?

Meanwhile, I've been going out of the house to battle my breaking bonds. I've met up with some interesting people and have huge picnics planned for the weekend. You guys have a great weekend as well and do give thoughts to breaking a few bonds.

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