Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crossing over

The past week I've been trying to identify myself. My friend had once asked me to define myself, which honestly, I don't think I still can, but I can give it a try here.

You know once you are put out of your country, your job and single-hood, life automatically takes a new turn around you. For once you cannot blatantly flirt with the cute guy next door. Secondly, since you part ways with your single-hood, groups automatically start to single you out as "The married" types. Life in a different country takes away some of your privileges like getting a bai doing everything for you. The job aspect automatically steals away people's image of you as being anything but intelligent.

Well all this said, I'll talk about the cross-over bit now. Between last week and today, I've met a variety of people. I met someone who I could talk about "Sex and the City", which is work, clothes, the best drinks in town to the latest revolution in Germany. Then I met someone who was a little bohemian, moving around different parts of the world, learning about new cultures, participating in rallies and studying architecture. I met my 70 plus neighbor for a game of scrabble. And then I met someone with two toddlers, whose trying to figure out how to balance a job and kids.

Now all this would have not happened given my previous conventional life-style. So, in a way I am trying to cross-over. Lately my mom has been asking me to write about contemporary and conventional life-styles across the world. I'm not quite sure where I fit in. May be all those who read this can help me.

Another questionable thought is the intelligence aspect, if all these thoughts are coming to me only after a few months of being here then may be giving up my "dumbed out" job was not such a bad thing after all. The only thing worth waiting for is the direction that these thoughts lead me to.


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